Our activities

Conflict management, mediation

One of the main range of actions of the Konszenzus Foundation Budapest Organization is the management of specific conflicts:
– within organization and
– emerging conflicts between institutions, organizations

Our co-workers help the management of the conflict as independent professionals and as mediators. During the process, the members of the conflict establish common, long term sustainable solution(s).

Organization development

Within the framework of the organization development actions the Konszenzus Foundation Budapest Organization helps to traverse the tasks and competency questions belonging to certain scope of activities and positions, as well as the connection system, information transfer and cooperation web between them. This provides an opportunity to strain the scope of duties, formalize them, fill them with efficient content, and to develop new “inner cooperation contracts” and to bring into existence the necessary organizational changes.

Strategic planning, facilitation, preparing feasibility studies

– leading the private decision maker meetings of institutions, organizations
– helping the collective problem solving teamworks
– leading the strategical management of organizations
– facilitating the mutual problem solving meetings of multiple organizations
– creating feasibility studies

Skill improvement and knowledge sharing trainings

The goal of our trainings is to be taught skills, knowledge and procedures, which will help the participants in performing their works, and to solve the arising problems and conflicts effectively, for a long term.

The main target groups of the operation of our Foundation

In the past 15 years we cooperated in completed projects with:

● local authorities
● civil organizations
● social institutes
● educational and teaching institutes
● law enforcement and government organizations
● companies and economical organizations
● minority organizations
● governmental, communal and state institutes
● interest representation organizations
● universities, colleges and research institutes